Jingdezhen Ceramic Vase

Jingdezhen Ceramic Vase


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For centuries, China’s imperial court used porcelain hand-crafted in the workshops of Jingdezhen to decorate their palaces. They tried to keep their discovery a secret, but porcelain was covertly traded all the way to Europe where it quickly became a treasured item. You may have heard of “fine china” and here is where it got its name.

Patterns are carved on the body of the porcelain using bamboo, bone or knives. After glazing, the porcelain is sent to the kiln for firing. 

Size: M
Function: Tabletop Vase
Style: Traditional Jingdezhen Ceramic Vase
Material: Ceramic
Material: High White Clay
Style: Traditional Chinese
Origin: Jingdezhen
Size: height 25cm dia 12cm mouth dia 7cm


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