Metal Hanging Baskets With Coco Liner

Set of 2 Hanging Baskets with Coco Liner

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Coconut fiber pot liners, known as coir, lend a natural look to a hanging basket. The sheets of brown coconut fiber mold to the container, which is usually a basket made from wire. The natural fibers in coir allow for extra drainage and air circulation for the plants, but they’ll also need extra water. Planting in a hanging basket with a coconut fiber liner is similar to any hanging plant with a few extra steps to ensure success.
Fill the hanging basket about halfway full with potting soil, which is lightweight so the basket isn’t too heavy.

Place the seedlings in the hanging pot so they sit at the same height as they did previously. The top of the soil in the basket should hit the seedling at the same level on the stem. Fill in the rest of the basket with potting soil to cover up the roots on the seedlings. Perfect for outdoor as it will leak when you water it.

  • Type: Hanging Baskets
  • Material: coco line & wrought iron
  • Wall Basket Size (approx. ): 10 inch ( 25 cm )
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