Throw Blankets - Native American Style Cobertors with Tassel - Throw Blanket

Throw Blankets – Native American Style Cobertors with Tassel

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For over a hundred years, this blanket is named for the woollen mill in which they first were produced located in Pendleton, Oregon. The vivid colours and energetic American Indian designs from the Cayuse and the Umatilla Indian tribes in the

Northwest made them sought after by settlers, tribes, and tourists. If you’re looking for an American Indian blanket, you are so lucky today! Hypoallergenic.
Luxuriously warm. Cuddle under the soft, cotton-cashmere throw and you’ll be cosy in no time.

Made in cotton, double-sided and enhanced with tassel. This super soft, modern throw blanket is perfect for you to snuggle with while watching TV on the couch, or relaxing on your sofa and bed. Perfect for indoor use but also great for outdoor use. Can be used as the bed cover, bed end, but also for the cover of the sofa &  tablecloth. Given its beautiful pattern, vibrant colour and quality craftsmanship, this blanket makes a great gift for adults and kids on many occasions.

Shape: Rectangle
Material: 100% Cotton thread
Style: American Native
Weight: 0.55-4kg according to size
Shape: Rectangle
Wash Style: Gentle washing


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