Mysterious Elephant Wall Decor

$15.99 USD

A new revolution of cross-stitching comes! Compared with the traditional cross embroidery, this cross stitch crafts adopts colourful rhinestones to replace needlework, which looks more stereoscopic and innovative. With colourful diamonds, the painting looks gorgeous and decent, and it doesn't need too much painting skills.

Diamond painting is an easy and enjoyable activity for crafters young and old. Based on the same concept as mosaics and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting uses tiny “diamond”-like facets to create colourful designs and patterns for finished designs that sparkle. Applying the diamonds is a simple three-step process that is meditative and relaxing, providing hours of enjoyment as you re-create your design.  Diamond painting kits are available in a variety of sizes and styles from simple to elaborate so crafters of all skill levels can find a project to enjoy. 


  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: About 40x30cm
  • Magic cube round decor contains 16 sections, which makes it look more stereoscopic, vibrant and brilliant.
  • High-definition, colour-printed printing oil canvas is waterproof and has even texture, the pattern itself is self-adhesive and comes with a protective top film to keep the picture clean and sticky.
  • Eco-friendly hot melt glue and the point drill pen makes it effortless and quick to pick the gems up.
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