K9 Crystals Candle Holders

$15.99 USD
Crystal is typically cut and polished in a precise manner, it is also smooth to the touch. In contrast, glass tends to be brittle and sharp. One way to tell if a piece is a crystal or glass is to feel the facets and overall design of the item. Crystal will be much smoother than glass.
K9 is a Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal (Optically Clear) with low inclusions and imperfections ideal for use in lenses and prisms, optics and decorative crystal lighting. It has good physical properties and can be polished similar to lead crystal, weighing approximately 15% less than full leaded crystal having a lead content of only 10%. K9 crystal offers a high refractive index and high clarity making it a good option for the manufacture of high high-endless offering both durability and excellent quality.
  • Matching Candle: Small Tealight
  • Candle Color: Transparent
  • Size: 4cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 14cm, 16cm
  • Buy them individually or a set of three 4cm, 6cm & 8cm
  • Material: K9 Crystal
  • Handling 3 days. Shipping 12 - 18 days to US & Australia.
  • UK 12 days via DHL $29.00. Free Shipping 20-30 days.
  • India & Sri Lanka: 28-38 days. please contact to see options.

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