Zodiac Designs Blankets with Tassel

$59.99 USD $71.20 USD

This Vintage Exotic Style Throw Blanket and Cobertor, featuring decorative tassels and zodiac constellations. Light and soft gives you a warm and comfortable feeling, can be used for daybed cover or throw blanket for a chair, or for outdoor picnics and camping use.

Carefully woven to ensure softness, rich texture and durability. Adds extra texture to your decor and turns your room into an inviting space, The bright colours allow for easy mixing and matching with your decor or other accent pieces.

Machine washable with cold water, avoid using of detergent with bleach ingredients. Please gently wash the towel to prevent winding because of tassels.

Shape: Rectangle
Material: 100% Cotton thread (three-layered) cotton and double-sided
Style: American Native
Weight: 0.55-4kg according to size
Wash Style: Gentle washing

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